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#TT Nikki Ricks: Chasing improvement

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Nikky Ricks, nutritionist, personal trainer, powerlifting and strong man coach, owner of Waugh machines gym and UKBFF South Coast champion 2017 talks candidly about her fitness journey so far.

I have always admired Nikky Ricks no nonsense fills my Northern heart with joy. Nikki is a champion of self authenticity, coaching and supporting many people to achieve their own body transformations...and she is a dab hand at doing her own bikinis, which have a somewhat anti-hero theme in the last few years.

Nikki Ricks,South Coast Champion UKBFF 2017

When did your fitness journey begin?

I first began with gymnastics at the age of 9. However I became too tall to do anything but vault and floor and so then switched to athletics. A knee injury finished that career and so I then moved on to boxing and karate ( the latter of which I didn’t get on with) then moved on to kickboxing. After realising I was probably a bit too old for all that nonsense I switched to bodybuilding. It’s a lot less painful as the weights don’t hit back

Was there something specific that triggered it or have you always had a good relationship with keeping fit?

I have always been active in one way or another.

When did you decide to compete?

My bodybuilding journey started because someone told me I couldn’t cut it. I love a challenge

Nikky Ricks, UKBFF Finals 2017

Have you always been a figure girl/bodybuilder or did you make a conscious decision to go in that direction?

Because of my sports background I could never compete in bikini. I have visible abs all year round and my legs are solid from years of jumping around. I am built like a 14 year old boy. Definitely the wrong shape for bikini. I’m also an ectomorph by nature, so putting on mass is a mission. I am definitely not genetically predisposed toward bodybuilding but as I said before, I love a challenge

How has your body confidence changed through your years of training/competing?

I have never been particularly bothered by the way I look. I don’t wear makeup and you’re generally lucky if I remember to brush my hair before I leave the house. Having said that, if I do go out, I do like to dress up.

Training and especially body building teaches you to think about your body in ways other than as a way to be attractive. I don’t think of my body as something to attract the opposite sex so other peoples opinions on the way I look are none of my business. I am a work in progress always but how I look is not a reflection of who I am. People often seem to feel the need to make comments but its not a reflection of me it’s a reflection of them. Why should it bother anyone else how I look?

Have you achieved your own body goals now or is there still work to do?

Oh my!, no where near lol. This will always be a continued process. Like I said before though, its not a negative thing. It’s a positive one. Its what drives me. That chase for improvement. You can’t achieve perfection but It doesn’t stop you chasing it.

How do you cope with the off-season?

I freaking love off season. I actually don’t enjoy being very lean. Its extremely uncomfortable. I love my food too. However food for me is a means to an end too. I will eat rubbish but it’s a choice and always factored in. I eat mindfully and I can tell you exactly what I have eaten in the day, even offseason.

Do you enjoy competing?

I love it or I wouldn’t do it. I love the offseason, the prep, show day, everything. Its just so much fun. I often feel people take it all far too seriously. We are not hardcore or badass, we are a bunch of guys and girls that train, diet and get tanned up to prance around in sparkly pants. We aren’t exactly saving the world so enjoy what you do but be realistic about it. Oh and there's the cheeseburgers after, never forget the cheeseburgers

What's your favourite competing moment?

I think probably winning the south coast championship last year. Not because I won but because I had all my gang with me. The day was so relaxed and such fun.

Nikki Ricks UKBFF Finals 2017

What was your worst competing moment?

Oh my goodness lol. Getting up on stage is such a myriad and complex cache of emotions but I think I speak for all bodybuilders when I say getting up on stage knowing you’re not at your best is the worst feeling ever.

When you are training to compete, who coaches you?

Me … Sadly I do have a few health issues which make me a little hard to prep. I would love to find someone who can cope with it one day and then can hand the responsibility of it all over to them. Prepping and coaching yourself is hard and keeping it level headed when you’re at the tail end is always a challenge

What are your personal demons when you train to compete?

That I am not good enough to compete. My gym is full of British champions. Its enough to give anyone an inferiority complex lol

What's your super power?

Sarcasm lol

If you would like to contact Nikki for coaching:

Waugh Machines gym

Unit 2 Building 1

Whitehall Works


CT12 6DF


facebook Nikky Ricks … Waugh machines gym

Insatgram @Nikky_Ricks…@waughmachines

Twitter @nikkyricks….@waughmachines


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