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Natural Beauty

I cut and make competition bikinis and pole wear for all sizes and body shapes, exactly the way you want it.


Ready for despatch next working day

A selection of readymade competition bikinis and polewear in set sizes.


Customised and fitted just for you

Select a bikini or polewear design that you love

Pick your  style and coverage Customise your fabric and crystal colours

Submit your measurements

Personal fitting included


Go all out with your creativity!

Get a bikini or pole costume designed just for you, exactly as you want it

Submit your measurements or get measured in person

Personal fitting included

Readymade Sizes

ready made sizing

For all readymade bikinis, pole wear, aerial costume and catsuits

If you require sizing outside this range please order made to measure. It takes a little longer and costs a little more because I am a lone maker and a new pattern and garment has to be created.

Measurements are listed in cm's

measure yourself

It's not hard to measure yourself, here are my handy tips to make sure you do it accurately (until I get in front of a camera and make a video)

  • If possible get someone else to do the actual measuring

  • Make sure you stand upright

  • Make the tape measure snug but not too tight. 

  • When doing across body measurements make sure the tape measure is parallel to the ground

  • Make sure your tape measure is not stretched or broken

Submit your measurements

Thanks for submitting!

measurement form
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