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The boobs issue

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

It doesn't matter if your breasts are real or enhanced, the fact is that breasts will be one of the most dramatic things that changes as you loose weight and this is one of the hardest things a woman has to get to mental grips with during training.

During my career as a bikini designer it has been obvious that the process of preparing for a fitness show makes us focus on our body's in minute detail, often focusing on singular area's of contention. Athletes judge their own bodies as they imagine the judges will do when they finally reach their goal of stepping on stage, and the area of the body that tends to throw fitness athletes into most consternation is breasts. Women with small breasts worry they don't have enough, and women with large breasts worry about how to keep them high and in place.

Breasts are a part of the body that you just can't improve with training is it any wonder that we focus so much attention on them?

During Show Prep

Even though show prep is a relatively short time you should continue to provide your breasts with as much support and care as you did before, don't just let your reduced boobs knock around in your old bra...chances are you need a whole re-fit. Get re-measured and treat yourself to a new bra. It doesn't have to be expensive, it just needs to fit really well. Your breasts have changed size, shape and consistency and your back may have broadened as you have built your muscle. Get yourself re-measured by a professional and try on different styles and a size up and down from your new measurements to see what works the best.

After your competition as you reverse diet your breasts should return to their normal size, but you should keep the bra for use on your next competition prep if you choose to do it again.

Make sure you keep moisturising. Skin on your neck, chest and breasts is some of the most delicate and thin on your body. As breasts lose volume your skin cannot keep up with the rapid change , so keep it supple and moisturized to maintain elasticity.

top tips for buying a competition bikini

A competition bikini is not like a normal bra or bikini top...the engineering is fundamentally different and cannot provide the support you have come to expect from a good well fitted bra.

First decide whether you want a triangle or a cupped bra design.

There are pro's and cons for both bra styles, and fortunately in most fitness shows it is up to the competitors preference. Gone are the days when a triangle style was the only option.

Triangle bra shapes work best for small breasted ladies. It always looks better in profile than a cupped bra, especially when competitors move into side poses where the cupped bikini will sometimes gape leaving that awkward gap between cup and breast.

I prefer to make triangle cups for fitness and figure bikinis too for much the same reason, and also because the bikini back straps on a figure bikini pull down towards the bottoms and so can provide no lift and support like a traditional bra.

We expect an underwired cup to provide more support, but it does not always work that way. Underwires are great for large breasted women to separate and create shape and lift for larger breasts but doesn't actually provide more support than the non-wired variety. We have been conditioned to believe this by clever marketing and media campaigns.

Get the best fit

Buy a size that fits or is one size smaller if you go for a cup style design. Never buy up a size and rely on padding to fill the cup, it almost never has the desired effect and could end up lifting away from the ribcage or gaping at the front. The best way to ensure you get the correct fit is to have the bikini made specially for you and have it re-fitted around 3 weeks out from your show, when you should almost be at your correct competition size.

Fitness bikinis are especially difficult because the back straps pull down to attach to the bottoms. Get your bikini from a designer that will fit it to your body in person or if you opt for a made to measure or second hand bikini go to a reputable dressmaker to have it properly fitted to you.

Opt for push up style padding rather than padding from the side

I think it is more flattering to lift the breast higher than push it to the middle for cleavage. But I suggest trying padding in different positions prior to comp day and avoid heavier style pads such as gel filled as they only increase the weight the bikini has to deal with.

Make back straps as tight as possible and opt for wider back and shoulder straps

If you have your bikini made for you just make a request to your bikini designer to make your straps wider, and therefore stronger. If you are buying made to measure or second hand make sure you tie the back as high and as tight as you can and then tie up your shoulder straps as tight as possible without causing discomfort.

Use a regular triangle pad to create a profile shape

Adding simple padding to a triangle bikini gives your bikini the best profile shape, even if you don't need it to support your breasts. Not only does it stop your nipple showing through the bikini, but it gives a great profile look and gives shape to the bikini.

Use stickies for lift and to keep the bikini in position

Celebrities have been using body tape to strap themselves in and lift themselves up for decades...and you could use it too. There are now some amazing products to take advantage of. Fitness competitors have been using body tape and bikini bite to keep their bikini bottoms in the correct place...but you can also use it on bikini tops to stop them shifting around and keeping loose skin under control.

Come competition day just remember the judges don't score your boobs, they are concentrating on proportion, balance, symmetry and stage presence and those are the things on which you should work the hardest.

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