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competition polewear

Miss C Bikini designs and makes competition polewear that brings your performance to life , fits like a glove and stays put, no matter what you get up to.

When it comes to creating your routine and act you’ll want a signature look that is guaranteed to dazzle and make you look jaw droppingly beautiful on stage.

Every handcrafted costume is a collaboration project that is designed with you. We discuss themes, tailoring and finishes and create something all together that is as unique as you. Costumes are created from scratch and 100% tailor-made for your body - ensuring you look a million dollars and have an outfit that will stay put... no matter what you get up to.

So whether you are performing in a local showcase or have your sights on the prize at an international competition, Miss C can create a dazzling costume that will allow you to fully express yourself on stage.

Costumes start at £120 without crystal, from £200 with crystals.

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