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What's Miss C all about?

  • Uniqueness is your greatest asset
  • Authenticity and originality go hand in hand
  • Being a responsible designer in an irresponsible industry 

I started making competition bikinis 7 years ago, after working in the bridal, corsetry and lingerie industries and I have never made two garments the same yet.

Mass production line generic designs have never been my thing, I'm more interested in designing unique garments for individuals who express their best selves and rock the stage.

Early in my career I learned that precision and craftsmanship were the qualities that set apart  great work from the mediocre, and during my 25 years sewing I have made it my mission to continuously push my skills and learn new techniques.


Creating  top quality products made with love and attention to detail gives me a total buzz of satisfaction.

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miss c eco policy

The state of the world and our collective liability to create sustainable products and consume responsibly concerns me greatly. Never has it been more obvious and important to pay attention to how products are made and how it impacts the environment.

I try to run my business in line with these ideals and make sure that Miss C is a responsible fashion company.

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Responsible Material Sourcing

Recycled packaging

Products are sourced and made at the point of ordering to minimise waste  and cut out over production. I hold sample products for display and photo shoots, which if unsold, are recycled into new products.

All the materials are  sourced from responsible manufacturers and within the UK, wherever possible.

With the amazing advances in material technology many of my products can be made from recycled fabrics.

Packaging materials are recyclable, or made from recycled materials. Please dispose of responsibly. 

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