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blue and gold heavy lace couture competition on a mannequin

competition bikini


Made with excruciating attention to the detail.

Top Tier design service for competition bikini athletes who want to go all out with creativity.

Every bikini is unique, I will never make another one the same. Ever.

12 weeks lead time

blue figure competition bikini with decorative crystal flames pattern


competition bikini

Show off your individuality on stage.

Take one of our custom designs and make it your own. 

You choose the colour, fabric, crystals, cut and submit your measurements for unique made-to -measure stage-wear.

Miss C designer Chrissie is available to guide you every step of the way (if you want it).

8 weeks lead time

blue reptile print posing bikini

Ready to Wear

Shop today and get it  within a week

We have a small stock of samples, previously unworn or used for photo shoots available at a great discount rate. 

Feel free to browse and nab yourself a bargain.

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female fitness model stroking her face posing in front of a black background. She wears green glitter costume feather wings

Hand made wings, headdress and Accessories

Perfect for Pure Elite, FMC, Glifting Girls, cosplay and photo shoots


Every bikini is unique to each client, scroll through for more designs.

FAQ: Competition Bikini

When should I order my bikini?

Order your bikini well in advance of your show date and have it altered in the last few weeks before your show. 

We offer 3 services to suit your timeframe. Couture competition bikinis take 12 weeks to design and make, Custom designs should be ordered 8 weeks in advance. Readymade can be purchased and will be shipped the next working day.

What size competition suit should I get?

Your bikini should fit perfectly on show day. Miss C recommends you buy your suit smaller than your pre comp prep size, as you will be smaller on show day. It is hard to predict how training will affect your body so I recommend you get your bikini altered in the last few weeks of show day.

What colour competition bikini should I get?

Pick a bold colour that suits your hair and eye colour. 

How tight should a competition suit be?

The competition bikini should be a tight fit and feel snug on competition day.

Try on your bikini within 2 weeks of your show date and have it re-fitted and altered as necessary.

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