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How to stick your bikini down

Updated for 2024

We all know how distressing it is if you have had a bikini slippage on stage, and no matter how much you want to pull that wedgie out of your bum and re-position your must resist!

Bikini disasters on stage, with ill fitting bikinis and all sorts of gaping and slippage is becoming a thing of the past. With every year that passes the standard for bikini and fitness competition goes up, and as you invest your time and money you want to look absolutely tip top on stage.

So to avoid the dreaded wardrobe malfunction read on and discover the benefits of body tape and bikini glue.

Of course the most important way to avoid bikini slippage is making sure your bikini is the right size and shape for your body, even if that means having it adjusted in the last few weeks of your show. Your body will be dramatically different from the start of your training so make sure you have a final fitting and try on within the last few weeks before your competition.

The next step is to get aquainted with some artificial aids: namely bikini glue and body tape.

bikini bottoms of different shape, size and fit


Depending on the type of fix you want; whether you need to keep the bikini bottoms in place, or also to keep your boobs and bikini top in check you may need different products and solutions.

Types of product to stick down your bikini:

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Bikini Glue

Product photo of Roll on bottle Bikini bite on a white background

The tried and tested method among fitness competitors to stick down a bikini is glue.

The most popular product by far is Pro Tan's Bikini Bite, although other products are available.


Apply when your skin is completely dry, roll it on to the skin area you want to stick down.

Apply a single layer to the bikini area you want to stick, it is best to stick to the edges of the bikini where there are many layers of fabric and do not put too much on, it will damage your bikini.

Wait until the glue goes tacky and then stick it on your skin and hold until it is completely dry.

From then on in DO NOT TOUCH, otherwise you risk releasing the bond and having to start over.


Putting on bikini bite can be messy and fiddly. To get the suit off, just gently seperate your bikini from your skin. The glue will come off your body with a bit of soap and water and a bit of a scrub.

Getting it off your bikini suit is another matter.

You will be most successful getting the glue off your suit if you clean it as soon as you take it off. If you forget to clean it promptly you may stain your suit and the sticky residue will in turn pick up dirt.

Gently clean with a soft toothbrush, a super mild fabric detergent, running cool water and gentle persuation. One of my clients religiously cleans her suit after a show and her bikinis are pristine.

Remember not to scrub the outer fabric of your suit as it destroys the shiny fabrics and crystal finishes.


The bottle is big, so if you're only planning on doing one show there's a lot of waste.

Easy to over apply, and apply incorrectly, so be patient.

Body tape

Bikini bum tape packet on a white background

Sticky strips and double sided body tape have become very popular in the last few years.

There are branded products such as Bikini bum tape, but you will find that any strong double sided body tape or toupee tape is pretty much exactly the same product.

This is not the same as tit tape, which is only single sided.


Make sure your skin is clean and dry, with no lotion or moisturizer as this will affect the adhesion of the tape. Cut the tape to the size you want and fix it to the edges of the bikini you want to stick down.

Then put on the bikini and place it correctly where you want it to sit before you take off the backing tape. Start with one leg edge and whilst holding the bikini in place unpeel off the backing and stick to the body with a little pressure. Then repeat on the other side, remembering to hold the bikini in place and make sure that both sides are mirrored and symetrical. If you are also sticking top edges do those last.

If the tape has come unstuck, or the surface you are applying it to is damp, or dusty it will not adhere correctly so best to go for a new strip and start over.


Do not pull the tape straight off or you could literally lose some skin. Apply a little clear oil such as coconut or baby oil to the edges and let it work for a few minutes. You could also use a medical adhesive remover such as Appeal, and then gently seperate the tape from your skin and bikini.

Glue Removal is time sensitive and necessary to keeping your bikini in tip top condition.Dealing with glue as soon as possible once you have finished your show will prolong the life of your bikini suit. If you leave the glue on too long it could be very difficult to remove it from the fabric.

Remove it from your bikini using clear oil to break down the adhesion and then washing the bikini to remove any residue with running water and mild clothing detergent and gently rubbing it away. Do not forget the washing part, it's really important to remove the residue glue before new particles stick to it.


It's a one shot method. If you mess up the tape on first go, take it off and start fresh with a new bit.

Don't forget to take adhesive removal with you or you could damage your skin.



With bikini bum coverage getting smaller and smaller it is increasingly difficult to keep those little bits of lycra from making their way into your bum crack. No matter how great us bikini designers are at fit your peachy bum wants to eat that lycra. The struggle is real!

Here's a handy little diagram to show you where on your bikini you should stick your bikini glue.

line drawing diagram Illustrating where to apply bikini glue

Tit Tape

Illustrated pack of Lift and shape tape

If it's good enough for Kim Kardashian, it's good enough for you!

Tip tape is literally the stuff that will help lift and shape your boobs. It's extra helpful if you have lost a lot of breast mass but still have sagging skin left over and is a godsend for those of us that are mature and natural, it sticks and tucks it all neatly under your bikini. Hurrah!

It is not the same as body tape, as it is only single sided.


Make sure your skin is clean, dry and free from oil, lotion or moisturiser before you apply.

Stick on some nipple covers to protect your most sensitive areas and do a patch test by cutting off a bit and sticking it on, proceed if no allergic reaction occurs.

You can either build up strips of tape to build a cup or use the readymade shapes like the product illustrated above, start underneath and work your way up, slightly stretching the tape as you go. It is always best to experiement prior to the show to see what works best under your bikini.


Apply a clear oil like coconut oil or baby oil and let it soak in for a few minutes before peeling it off.


Will rip the top layer of skin off if you rip it straight off.

It's a one shot deal, you won't be able to reposition your tape once applied, start again with a new strip.

Top tips for Show Day

  • Put glue on after you put on your bikini, but make sure you do it in sufficient time for glue to dry before you start moving about.

  • Let your tan dry completely, otherwise nothing will adhere correctly

  • Do not use moisturisers, lotions or oils where you plan to use glues or tapes

  • Clean your bikini as soon as after the show so the glue doesn't damage your expensive suit.

So there you have it...the secret to keeping your bikini in place and on point as you hit the stage.

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