• Chrissie Nicholson-Wild

How to stick down your bikini

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

*Re-edited and updated for 2021*

We all know how uncomfortable and embarrassing it is if you have had a bikini slippage on stage, and no matter how much you want to pull that wedgie out of your bum...you must resist!

With bikini bum coverage getting smaller and smaller it is increasingly difficult to keep those little bits of lycra from making their way into your bum crack. No matter how great us bikini designers are at fit your peachy bum wants to eat that lycra. The struggle is real!

bikini bottoms of different shape, size and fit

Having your suit made to fit you exactly goes a long way to prevent this from happening, but if you have particularly developed assets no bikini can resist the power of gravity and friction......unless you absolutely stick-it-the-hell-down! STICKY SOLUTIONS

There are two types of product to stick down your bikini:

  • roll on glue

  • sticky strips

Pro tip: Make this one of the last things you do before you go on stage.

The traditional method used to stick down a suit was with a roll on bikini glue. The most popular product by far is Pro Tan's Bikini Bite, although other products are available.


Add the roll on glue to the bikini area you want to stick down, wait until the glue goes tacky and then hold it on your skin until it is completely dry.

From then on in DO NOT TOUCH, otherwise you risk releasing the bond.

One of the downsides to Bikini Bite is the size of the bottle. If you only plan to do one show and never compete again it's pricey, as you only need a small amount. At almost every show someone will have some you can borrow, but I wouldn't rely on it.

Putting on bikini bite can be messy and fiddly. Getting it off is another matter...you will be most successful with a toothbrush, a super mild fabric detergent, running cool water and some elbow grease. Please do not scrub the outer of your suit as you will find that it destroys the shiny fabrics and crystal finishes.

Sticky strips and tape have become very popular in the last few years. There are branded products such as Bikini bum tape, but you will find that any strong double sided body tape or toupee tape is pretty much exactly the same product.


Fix the tape to the area's on the bikini that you want to stick down, take off the backing tape and apply directly to the skin and apply a little pressure.

If the tape has come unstuck, or the surface you are applying it to is damp, or dusty it will not adhere correctly so best to start with a new strip and start over.

Remove by lightly applying running water and mild clothing detergent and gently scrubbing.

Cautionary note: always test tape before show day, especially on sensitive skin as it could literally take a layer of skin off when you remove it.

As with the roll on glue, tape will need dealing with as soon as possible once you are off stage and out of the show to maintain the bikini suit. If you leave the glue on too long it could be very difficult to remove it from the fabric.


Here's a handy little diagram to show you where on your bikini you should stick your bikini glue.

Illustrating where to apply bikini glue

So there you have it...the secret to keeping your bikini in place and on point as you hit the stage.

Good luck in your show, and drop a comment to let us know which method you favour.