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An interview with Shivani, Miami Pro and Pure Elite Pro

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Name – Shivani

Age – 38

Federations – MiamiPro and PureElite

Categories – Bikini and Bikini over 35

List your competition placings please, starting with the most recent...

April 2018

PureElite Pro Show

PureElite Bikini Pro – 3rd

Pure Elite Bikini Pro Over 35 – 1st

MiamiPro Pro Show

MiamiPro Bikini Pro – 2nd

MiamiPro Bikini Pro Over 35 – 1st

April 2017

MiamiPro Amateur Show

MiamiPro Bikini – 4th

MiamiPro Bikini Over 35 – 3rd and Pro Card

Was there anything in particular that got you interested in competing?

I became interested in competing after seeing the changes and progression I was making from weight training. I always admired the girls that got on stage to compete so made that my goal.

When was your first competition and how do you feel about the experience in hindsight?

My first competition was in April 2017 – it truly was a challenge with work alongside it. There were moments where I wasn’t sure I could fit everything in and if I’d made the right decision to compete at all. It taught me a lot about discipline, self motivation and how far I can push myself. The first time you compete is always the best one!

Shivani Miami Pro, photo by Thomas Mone

You compete in Pure Elite and Miami Pro....what do you like about those federations?

MiamiPro was my first show and my heart will always be there – Angie the CEO has a great set up; backstage is fun and it has a real carnival feel. PureElite has a lovely family feel and they have more smaller shows during the year – great for first time shows! Both shows allow for creative stage wear and flexibility in posing - so you can show of both your physique and personality.

What is your favourite thing about competing?

The challenge and the opportunity to show off all the hard graft from the gym!

How do you fit competition prep around your day job?

This is by far the hardest part for me – I get really organised with food prep and plan, plan, plan! Make allowances for slip ups in during your prep period and socials have to be sacrificed unfortunately. There’s a lot of dry shampoo and baby wipes involved to get everything in!!

When you are prepping for competition what's an average day like for you?

Tough!! Also depends on where I am in the world with work and travel. Usually cardio at 6am, 8-6pm work, weights 8-9pm follow up with work 9.30 10.30pm, 11.30pm sleep. Quite often I check work emails etc during cardio. I’ll have 4 meals spread throughout the day, plus a protein shake after my weights session.

What guilty pleasure do you treat yourself to after a competition?

Sleep!! Lots of it! Followed by sushi, goat curry and lamb samosas!!

Do you consider yourself to be a body confident person?

Not always – it took me until my mid 30s to love my body in all its shapes and sizes. I now love it stage lean and off season. Competing has taught me to understand all stages and changes of my physique. As females we have hormones too which can have a huge impact on how our body looks and how we feel about ourselves.

It's impossible to stay in stage do you deal with off- season?

If you want to grow you have to eat! I don’t believe in a huge bulking season, I take the time after the show food wise very seriously and reverse diet for 6-8 weeks. I then start to allow myself a few extra treats as my food increases and my body stabilises. I keep track of my lean body mass and don’t overdo the naughty things.

Do you have the body you want...or are you still working to improve?

I am happy with the body I have for sure! But once you start competing in aesthetics and bodybuilding I think there always room for improvements – more glutes, more shoulders…

What's your super power?

Power of the mind!

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