• Chrissie Nicholson-Wild

What a bikini competition costs in 2021

Need to know how to budget for a bikini competition? Read on...

Are you a first time competitor, or just researching how much it will cost you to compete in a fitness competition? If you have answered yes to either of these questions then you have come to the right place.

This article will give you an overall look at what you will need to pay for, and how much to expect to pay for it and where you can save money.

Straight out of the gate : fitness competitions are not cheap. Even before you get to show day there is the prep, an average of which is 16-24 weeks. During this time you will be paying for the gym, a specialized diet and dietary supplements so you can achieve that stage ready figure.

For the purposes of this article I have not included the resources needed to support the training such as diet, supplements, gym membership etc because prices vary so much. I have focused on the products and services required specifically for the competition itself.

To find out information on something specific you can jump to each section:


Federation Fees



Hair and Make-up

Travel and Accommodation

To help you with budgeting for your competition I have included a checklist you can download and keep so you can keep track of your expenses.

Competition Budget Checklist
Download PDF • 32KB

Fitness competitions have been exploding in popularity over the last five years. The rewards for winning can be high...both personally and professionally... but to compete in fitness requires a high level of commitment of time, energy and money. Of the women I surveyed for the data in this article 66% of women had little to no idea how much money it would cost them to compete when they got started.

So here is my summary infographic for some of the information I learned from my research.

Infographic How much does it cost to do a fitness bikini competition

Read on to learn more...

preparation costs

Prepping yourself will definitely save you money, but if you are a serious athlete with your eyes on a prize you will need an army of niche experts.

These will include:

  • Prep coach

  • Posing coach

  • Bikini designer


A Prep Coach specializes in competition preparation rather than long term health and fitness, it is their job to guide you safely through the preparation process and most will give you an individualized plan and adjust it as appropriate . They will assess your health, look at what you want to achieve and plan your diet, nutrition and exercise regime to meet those goals over a prescribed timescale. Whether you are coached online or in person it usually requires regular check-in's to assess progress. Prep coach's fee's vary greatly, and you can find both in-person and online prep coach's...so do your research to find your best fit within budget.


The posing coach's role is to get you looking confident and at home on stage, even if you are nervous as hell. They will teach you how to walk, pose and use transitions to effortlessly glide around the stage in heels as if you were born to it. They will also help you bring out your own unique style to your stage presence.

The poses can be very specific in certain federations so it is really worth it finding a posing coach who is fluent in all federation styles or someone who specialises in the particular style of the show you are entering into.

You can save money here, should you wish, by attending a posing camp. Many federations hold their own posing camps so you can drill down on their style of walking and posing and are an absolute must if you can't stretch to hiring a posing coach and practice, practice, practice.


The mainstay of your stage look is the bikini. This is another area in which you can make savings, but be sure to select the correct style of bikini for your federation and category which I go into in more depth elsewhere in my blog.

There are now many bikini makers in this specialist niche and prices vary greatly from £200 - £900 depending on the designer and how much crystal is on the bikini. An average bikini will cost in the region of £300 for standard designs, with custom designs and fittings usually costing a little more. Of course you can also buy a bikini second hand, there are plenty of facebook groups that you can find bikinis and other stage accessories and it is always worth contacting bikini companies to see if they have any left over stock from a previous season they are willing to discount.

Your bikini designer's job is to make you sparkle on stage. You can choose a bikini online or get one made bespoke and unique to you. The most important thing about selecting your bikini is that it is the correct cut for your category, size, body shape and federation and that the designer or company will re-size it near s