Dometria: my farewell to a friend

Seldom are my business posts so personal as this one as I say goodbye to my dear friend. To many she was Dometria: fierce and formidable body fitness competitor.... but to me she was also Koulla, a vibrant and strong woman who's life and soul was her family......the loyalist of friends, life mentor and someone I looked up to for constant inspiration and real talk. 

Like all those who were close to her the tail end of last week doesn't feel real, I find it hard to articulate my confusion and sense of loss.


Dometria had just celebrated her win at the IFBA Italia just over a month ago, and was gearing up to compete in the UKBFF later this month. She was so happy at this moment, this is how I will remember her....full of pride, larger than life and dedicated to pushing herself as far as she can go.


 True story: she was also the very person who got me into making bikinis! If it wasn't for Dometria I wouldn't have found my little niche in the world. Like many who knew her I feel like the world just got a little less bright, I'm certainly going to miss her  hilarious stories of misadventure and her constant advice and support. 


I'm finding it very hard to write this post, I still feel shell shocked that I won't be seeing her or speaking to her again so I will end it here.


Rest in Peace beautiful angel, Koulla Kakoulli and all my love and sympathy to her family.





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