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Miss C Ethical Policy

I care about the environment, and try to make my business as waste less and ethical as possible.

Here are some of the ways I get this done.

Minimal Waste

I have a no stock business. I only make garments that are ordered, or samples for photography. This was I order and use less materials, create less waste, and do not have leftover stock that is landfilled.


Checking my Supply Chain

Miss C sources fabrics, trimmings and crystals as close to home as possible. Our fabrics come from FunkiFabrics which are designed and printed in the UK and work hard to make fabrics from recycled materials.

Crystals are sourced from Preciosa, in the Czech Republic

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Recycled Packaging

All our packaging can be recycled, from the tissue paper to the box or mailing bags.

Cardboard Box
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