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What is glute coverage and why does it matter?

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Updated for 2023.

If you are competing in Sport Fitness Federations and Bodybuilding Competitions pay special attention to the size and style of the bikini bottom. Glute coverage could be a critical factor as to whether you are permitted on stage or not.

Today the IFBB, governing body of the UKBFF announced new rules changes with regard to glute coverage and the style of bikini bottom allowed. You can read the coverage on Evolution of Bodybuilding.

In essence the IFBB have announced that bikini bottoms will no longer have connectors but must have fabric sides and that the bottoms must cover 1/3 of the glutes. Here in the UK this only effects competitors entering the UKBFF, but it is a good opportunity to explore the subject.

What is glute coverage?

Glute coverage literally means how much of your bum is covered by the fabric of your bikini. How much bum you should be covering will depend on your competing federation, your own personal values of modesty and comfort and of course the shape of your bum.

Let's first have a look at the 3 different bikini bum cuts that I recommend for bikini categories.

I call them Pro cut, Brazilian and Moderate cut, but other bikini companies may call them something else. The same model is wearing all 3 cuts to demonstrate how much of the glute they cover.

  • Moderate cut covers 1/2 glutes

  • Brazilian covers 1/3 glutes

  • Pro covers 1/4 glutes

Moderate Bikini Cut

Moderate cut covers half of the glutes, and is considered the largest cut for bikini and fitness competitions.

  • If you are competing in 2Bros Pro or PCA I would not recommend having this much glute coverage on your bikini, it will count against you and look too big for stage compared with your peers.

Brazilian Bikini Cut

The Brazilian cut covers one third of your glutes, and is the most popular cut from Miss C across all the federations.

  • If you are competing in the UKBFF this is the perfect bikini cut, anything smaller than that is not permitted.

  • Most popular cut for Fitness Model Federations

  • Prone to the "hungry bum" effect if worn very high on the waist

Pro Bikini Cut

The pro cut covers a quarter of the glutes. The cut is specifically designed for the scrunch bum to sit close to the skin between the buttocks and curve gracefully towards the sides.

  • Perfect for 2Bros Pro and PCA

  • Do not wear this cut for UKBFF/ IFBB shows

  • Gives the most peachy look to the glutes

Other cuts available

The great thing about having a bikini made bespoke is that the bikini bottom will be tailored precisely according to your requirements. I can design and make your bikini as small or large as you want, from a thong to granny pants...but do check out the rules if you are competing, they are important.

What is the Hungry Bum/ Wedgie Effect?

Hungry Bum is when the bikini to bunches inwards and gathers between the buttocks.

Why do you get Hungry Bum?

Hungry bum is the unavoidable side effect of wearing bikini bottoms that are too small and narrow across the bottom and worn too high on the leg. There simply isn't enough fabric tension across the body to hold the bikini bottoms in place. The higher you wear your bikini bottoms on the waist the narrower the fabric will be as it tries to achieve correct fabric tension. Or you have an exceptionally peachy bum, in which case congratulations.

How can you fix hungry bum?

You can choose a bikini with more bum coverage, or you can accept the limitations of the design and use it to your advantage. Or you can wear a style smaller like a pro cut (if Federation rules allow) and avoid the wedgie issue all together.

The only way you can stop the bikini moving is literally to glue it to your bum. Gluing your bikini down with either tape or glue is one of those secrets that is quite specific to the bodybuilding community.

To learn how to glue down your bikini read this related post:


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