• Chrissie Nicholson-Wild

this time last year..

...It was Pure Elite time!

With all the lockdown craziness it is hard to keep our chin's up and stay positive. It's far too easy to think of all the things we can't do at the moment....Well I want to turn that around and think of all the things that we should be looking forward to doing when lockdown does finally end.

Like going to one of my favourite fitness shows. ...Pure Elite. This show would have been going on this week if the Covid-19 pandemic hadn't hit the modern world.

Pure Elite is one of the most accessible of the fitness shows...it balances out perfectly the competition aspects of a show and still manages to be entertaining without getting boring or bogged down with the self indulgence that can dominates other shows. The Pure Elite team are also super savvy with their business model. While some shows are tending towards being exclusive, elitist and downright clique I find Pure Elite to be relatively inclusive and body positive, especially with their revolutionary introduction of the Transformation category.

If you have never been to a Pure Elite show I highly recommend it as a great show to start with. I absolutely love the venue in Margate, which is a Grade 2 listed building whose Main Hall has been the stage for cabaret, concerts and Variety since the 1930's. It has a great ambiance and is a great backdrop for the show.

So today I celebrate some of my favourite pure elite moments and designs...

I cannot wait until the lockdown ends and normal service resumes, so I can bring more designs to life and on stage.

Bring on 2021! I think this will be a big year to look forward to...

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