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Themewear warriors

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

In my last blog I looked at floral themes as sources of inspiration, today I am looking at warrior queens, glamorous goddesses and super hero's/ villains.

I love the vibe of this type of character costume, it's projection of strength, empowerment and bravado is totally fierce! There are so many sources to plunder for idea's: film, music superstars, literature.....and here I have found my favourite costumes that fit this theme.

I'm going to start with this epic regal costume worn by Beyonce. There is so much detail going on in this image and it shamelessly plunders historical costume from a variety of era's. Gold paniers and a polonaise style dress from the 1800's are teemed up with a Thierry Mugler gold corset for ultra glamour and red high leg boots for some sexy sauce and Beyoncé gets extra points for her use of props to cement the concept.

This costume is so shiny! Part way between a mythical god and a super hero Miss Universe USA 2017 is the very picture of victory. This is a relatively simple costume, but it is bold in design.

This fabulous costume is from the Rio Carnival, I love the single colour, single material design. Another thing to note here is that this costume has a lot of stylistic imagery from African culture, neck rings, tribal masks and ear disks...so do be aware of cultural sensitivity when creating your costume and always try to keep elements from cultures not your own with respect and dignity.

Good old Victoria's Secret are a goldmine for source material for Themewear. Here Jourdana Phillips wears gold olive branch back-piece and flowing chiffon reminiscent of Roman sculpture. It's subtle and sexy.

I just couldn't talk about warrior themewear idea's without a Wonder Woman reference! This super hero ensemble is a toned down version compared to her cartoon contemporary but elements of the costume can still be plundered for idea's on colour, props and tone.

Another Beyoncé costume here, where she teamed up with Balmain for her Coachella outfits. Ooof! The Egyptian references, such as the Nefertiti style crown are skilfully rendered in modern materials and deep colours and are topped off with a draw droppingly detailed cloak and again, props.

And finally... a wonderfully colourful warrior costume worn by Miss Universe Guatamala from 2017. These wings are spectacularly simple, but provide a wonderful backdrop to the fabulous decoration on her headdress, bodice and boot covers.

If you want to project your themewear personality as a fierce and bold woman the warrior inspired costume is the way to go...whether your references are historical or fantastical make it unique to you and own that stage!


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