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natural bodybuilding

For the first time in bodybuilding history you can watch two natural bodybuilding shows at the same time, from your own armchair!

Today 2Bros Pro and the UKDFBA are live streaming their all natural bodybuilding shows. It is the first time one of the larger bodybuilding show franchise's has endorsed it's very own natural athlete competition, but natural bodybuilding already has an established presence here in the UK. The UKDFBA, BNBF and the UFE have also been drug testing their athletes here in the UK for many years.

Interestingly 2Bros Pro have chosen to host their event the same weekend as the UKDFBA are also hosting their main event for the year.

What is natural bodybuilding?

Natural Bodybuilding is defined as a drug free bodybuilding, using diet and training to build the physique without the aid of steroids, performance enhancers or cutting agents. Aside from changing the physical body drugs have many side effects such as mood swings, aggression and other hormonal changes in the short term. Over the years with many hero's from the bodybuilding Hall of Fame, both male and female suffering heart attacks, early death and the other long term health conditions by taking steroids and testosterone enhancements many athletes have become much more mindful of the long term price of enhancements .

If you want to train as a natural athlete make it very clear to your coach, who will advise you on how to do this. It's also very important for you to be clued up and well read and check your supplements and medicines for any of the banned substances....there is no good claiming ignorance after the fact.

Natural Bodybuilding Shows

While all federations should follow the WADA banned substance list, to comply with International Sports standards, it is well known within the bodybuilder community that some federations are more flexible with enforcing these rules than others.

The BNBF, UKDFBA and UFE stand alone as federations that are strong in their mission to promote natural bodybuilding and with 2Bros Pro putting on their own natural only show this shows that there is a growing movement of athletes who buck the enhancements available and choose to stay natural.

These shows pride themselves on being drug free and testing is mandatory for winning athletes. As well as winners being tested, some athletes can be flagged and tested and sometimes random drug testing is deployed to ensure a sample cross section of competitors are tested throughout the year. Usually the test will be a urine sample, to ensure they comply with the rules and are very strict with their application. Winners have been stripped of their titles and competitors are banned from organisations if they are unwise enough to flout the rules.

Each federation has differing rules, and their rules are published on their sites,

Whether you are a fan of bodybuilding natural, or otherwise, it is clear that the movement of Natural Bodybuilding is here to stay, and growing every year. It will be interesting to see if the other large Federations follow 2Bros Pro into adding Natural Bodybuilding to their rostrum.




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