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Updated: Aug 9, 2021

I love making figure bikinis. They are such a creative genre of bikini and really give the competitors a chance to be really original and expressive on stage.

As a bikini designer this style of bikini is the most challenging to fit correctly and more exciting from a crystal design perspective as it really allows me to stretch my creative muscles. Don't get me wrong....there is nothing wrong with a simple design or a beautifully executed ombré but there's just something totally EXTRA about a beautiful pattern and unique colour scheme that makes the figure bikini stand out that makes it far less pedestrian than it's bikini class counterparts.

This is a small selection of the variety of designs I have already done for figure bikinis. Every single one designed and made unique to itself.

Figure bikinis are special because their sole purpose it so maximise the area's that the judges are marking you on. The bottoms are deep cut front and back in a V-shape and tend to sit high on the hip or waist. This allows the legs to look longer and gives the judges the opportunity to see your muscle definition and striation in the upper legs and torso. The bikini top can be triangle or cupped and the back straps cross over at the back and attach to the bottoms so your back is fully on show with no annoying straps getting in the way.

This particular style of bikini gives remarkably no bust support due to the specific engineering of the bikini as a whole....but at such a low body fat it's likely that most of your natural boob will have reduced considerably compared to your off-season body.

If you have all natural large breasts and are competing in bodyfitness, toned figure or physique you will find that at such low bodyfat you have more skin than breast tissue.

So what can we do to make the most of your boobs in the figure bikini?

I have 3 idea's for you that don't involve surgery:

1- STRAP IN! read that right! The easiest way is to use bodytape or a silicone tape to lift the upper part of the breast. For years celebrities have been using body tape to keep their boobs up and in garments...but beware this beauty accessory does not come without pain as removal of tape can literally take your skin off! Body tape is often used around the sides of the cups to keep it close to the body or on underwires to stop the cup lifting off the body.

2 - AVOID BRA CUPS (please note: figure bikini only)

Most competition bikinis are made from moulded bra cups and have absolutely no flexibility or give. Plus the bra straps are pulled down towards the bottoms denying you the ability to tighten up the back strap and provide support around the body. So when you do that cheeky side pose and twist on stage no amount of padding will fill the gap at the top of the bikini. If you have fake big boobs the more padding you put in the cup the further it will sit away from the body and you may need additional body tape to stop the cup lifting away from the rib cage while you pose.


If loose skin is a real problem you can hide it by going for a slightly bigger bra size that will cover you up and then use bra inserts to create shape. Even if you have big boobs the overall shape of your bikini will be improved with the addition of some simple triangle inserts. They will smooth the profile of the bikini and give it just enough shape so you can tighten up those back straps so the bikini is as tight to your body as possible and then tape down all three sides of the bikini around your breast skin and tissue.

If you choose to wear your bikini bottoms high on the waist you will also need some additional grip on the side of the bottoms. I use additional gripper elastic at this point to help keep those sides high. I also recommend that you don't have connectors on the bottoms as they are very difficult to keep high in the right position.

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