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Custom Competition Bikini Design

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

You've trawled all the online bikini companies for an exciting design that just exudes your look and personality and come up know what you need to have one designed and made especially for you! This I call a custom bikini, but is sometimes also referred to as bespoke or couture bikini but the basic idea is exactly the same; it is designed and tailored to your specific requirements and body.

There are many advantages to having a custom bikini designed and made just for you.

  • It fits you perfectly

  • No one else on stage will have the same bikini

  • The bikini cut is the best for your body

TIMESCALE: 6-8 weeks minimum

BUDGET: £350 upwards

Emma's story

My client Emma Varley (pictured above) competed at Pure Elite in 2019 stage super confident and feeling ultra glamorous. She won 1st Fitness Model Masters and got a PRO card at Pure Elite, as well as bagging 5th Bikini over 45 and 5th Fitness over 35.

Here is what Emma said,

I had the pleasure of meeting Chrissie in 2018 when I went for a fitting to wear one of her bikinis for a shoot with Susan Grace Hinman. I’d done a few fitness shows and never felt my bikinis fitted my body properly, as soon as I put one of Chrissie’s on I could feel the difference even though these weren’t made for me. The quality and workmanship was incredible. I promised that if I ever went on stage I would definitely come to her. Roll on 2019 and I decided to compete with Pure Elite I contacted Chrissie and we got to work. I went for a couple of fittings so that the final piece was going to be a perfect fit. It was beyond perfect it was AMAZING quite simply the most beautiful bikini I have ever owned designed to fit my final shape, I wore it all day and it was so comfortable no jewels digging in I didn’t even know I had it on whilst we waited backstage for results. With Chrissie’s help I won!! I highly recommend her to anyone wishing to compete her service is on another level as are her masterpieces.



First consultations are free, and you have an opportunity to see if I am 'the right fit' to make your bikini. Clients that come with idea's are the easiest ones to work for. If I can get a good grasp of what you need it makes my job so much easier. I always start by asking questions and finding out a little bit about you, things like....

  • what colours do you like

  • what is your budget

  • what's your personal style

  • what inspires you

This will give me some idea of exactly what you want your stage presence to be like and your preferences for design. From there I can start putting a mood board or design plan together for you. I may also seek further clarification if I'm not sure I nailed it.

design planning

After initial consultation you will be invited to place a deposit and book your next meeting. The deposit is non refundable, and commits you to your bikini commission, after all...the time and effort that goes into designing and making a custom bikini is far greater than one you just order online. Once the deposit is placed your bikini place is booked! I only make a maximum of 10 custom bikinis per month, as my goal is to make each bikini as fabulous as it can be, so early booking is essential.


The next step is to have accurate measurements, you can either come into the studio to be measured (Covid restrictions apply) or I will contact you via e-mail and request your current measurements and some reference pictures.

Signing off on the Design

Once you receive your design flats you have the opportunity to make decisions of how we will refine the design. If you are happy with the design as is I can start pulling in materials and making. Sometimes the design needs some work and tweaking to make it perfect, or a particular material selected isn't quite right...sometimes your idea's change and the whole thing needs to be started from scratch. This is totally normal for some clients during the design process. But beware....if your design is started from fresh because your idea's are constantly changing you will incur extra design charges as it takes, on average, three hours to research materials and put together a design sheet.

Once the design is finished (signed off) and both parties agree to the design spec and budget the making will begin. (that's my favourite part)


There are two ways fitting goes: in studio or remote. It's pretty obvious that doing it in studio is the best way to get the prefect fit but sometimes that just isn't possible.

In Studio

During an in-studio fitting you will be temperature tested before you enter to comply with new studio protocols and I will be wearing a face covering and gloves. Then you will try on your undecorated bikini to assess the cut and size. I always ask my ladies to wear their heels for fitting as it dramatically changes how you stand and pose in front of the mirror and gives a better account of how the bikini will sit on your body.

The bikini will be decorated as per design, and then you will have a final fitting three weeks out from your show when you will be almost at stage weight and size. The final fitting is very important to get the final bikini perfect for the show, you will be likely be very different size, shape and body fat consistency to when I see you earlier in the process.

By remote appointment

For remote fittings you will be sent a 'mock-up' bikini within two weeks to wear for a Whatsapp video call to discuss the fit and size. You will then send the mock up bikini back with your actual measurements at that time so we can make any changes as discussed.

The bikini is then completed according to the design. Three weeks from your show date I will ask you to send in your final measurements and the final bikini will be fine tuned to these measurements and completed.

Getting your bikini

Bikinis must be paid in full before they will be finished and released. Your bikini will take one week to complete after your final fitting is done. After a remote final fitting is done the bikini will be ready one week after it is received back into the studio, any delays in final fitting or the return of the mock up will result in delay. Once your bikini is finished to perfection I will send it out to you by next day guaranteed post.

Showing it off

Woo Hoo! You are all set to storm the stage in your fabulous bikini. Don't forget to tag Miss C Bikini in your photo's on Instagram because I love sharing how fabulous my clients are!



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