• Chrissie Nicholson-Wild

covid diary 2

Whilst the Covid-19 isolation continues in England I have been putting my time to good use. What have I been doing for the past 2 weeks? Read on and I will fill you in...

Currently in draught are my patterns for burlesque, swimwear and festival wear. This is very exciting for me as I have been talking about doing swimwear for at least a year and until now I haven't been able to spare the time to actually put in some serious research and development so this has been the perfect time to pick up that ball and run whilst not much else work-wise is going on!

I will soon be unveiling my swimwear collection. In the meantime here is a taster of what is to come...

This is the first swimwear set straight off the cutting table! They are made of fabric made and printed in the UK and have specialist rubber elastic that is chlorine and salt water resistant, and they also have the special scrunch bum pro cut...so you can now order your swim bikini in the same cut as your posing bikinis to flatter and make the most out your curves. The triangle cups have a pocket for extra padding and have a clip at the back so no dangly straps....unless you specifically want to tie up your bikini.

Swim, Boudoir and Festival will be stand alone collections rather than a bespoke service but will remain made-to-measure so the fit will be to the same high standard that you just can't get from off the peg swimwear.

I have been having a ball selecting the fabrics for swimwear.

I have also been planning some handy video's to help guide you through the bikini ordering process so you get your perfect bikini. I am super camera shy so getting used to being in front of the camera has been a slow process and video editing...well that's a whole new skill I am learning!

With this in mind please let me know of any video topics you would like me to cover, I would love to know what you would like to know about the wonderful world of bikinis. Just send your requests to me at chrissie@misscbikini.co.uk.