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You may have noticed that things are changing here at Miss C Bikini website...

You can get a half price ready-to-ship bikini in my new online store* Just use code JuneLiftOff! until 25 June 2020!

I have really missed work and I am looking forward to easing lockdown and getting back to making fabulous things. Although I have been "making busy" by doing admin, writing blogs and developing new products there is nothing quite like the interaction of my clients and the kick I get out of seeing all my creations on stage.

There are some things that will be changing soon for Miss C online, and all for the better.I am very excited!

Today I am opening an online shop on my website.

All of my business so far has been purely bespoke where you come to the studio for fittings and consultations. Well, covid-19 definitely has taught me how limiting this is for both you and me so I decided that selling in my own online store would be a great way to implement this. I did start an etsy store a little while back but found it frustrating to use and couldn't make the storefront truly my own....so my solution was to do it myself.

I hope you like it...

The store will be launching on the 15th June (the same day I open up my studio again.) I will be launching the online store on my website and you can order made-to-measure and ready to ship bikinis and themewear directly form the shop without even leaving your house!

One of the things that always made me back off from opening up an online shop was that I couldn't guarantee the perfect fit come stage day . I hated the idea of making a fabulous bikini that just didn't fit. There just seemed like too many things that could go wrong....clients incorrectly measuring themselves and bodies changing literally from week to week. So I have been working hard to come up with solutions to these fitting problems...which I hope to unveil very soon.

Watch this space!

My bespoke service will continue, as normal, with some notable differences. Whilst doing fittings I will be wearing gloves and a facemask for my own safety and yours and whilst we cannot observe the 2m distance rule for fittings for obvious reasons I ask in return that you do not visit the studio if you feel ill in any way or have been in contact with anyone who has had Covid-19 in the previous two weeks.

Secondly: I am increasing my product range to include posing bikini styles and posing trunks for men, all available in standard sizing. It's not all there yet...but it will be trickling through in the months ahead, so keep your eyes peeled.

And lastly...while I have been stuck indoors during covid I have been learning to make video's so there will be more coming your way. I want to hear and collaborate with you on creating video's. I want to hear from photographers, models, coaches and all my clients with an interesting story to tell or fascinating question you want answered.

If you have a hot topic related to the fitness industry , want me to answer questions on bikini's, or want inspiration and advice on putting together the best costume pieces for your show or performance I want to hear from you. So contact me by e-mail, instagram or facebook and I will put my big old brain to task to best serve you.

Don't forget to visit the shop in the week 15th - 21st June 2020 and get a ready-to-ship bikini half price and sign up for my latest newsletter but filling out the form in the footer!

Super cool!

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