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help me with my next blog series

I want to bring you the very best articles that relate to things you really care about, and

I am looking for people to help me research.

My next big blog series will be for the newbies to our sport, and I need your experience to help me write it.

I asked a question on my instagram last week...

By far the largest proportion of answers were about financial issues, so I thought this would be a great subject to delve into.

Remember back to when you entered the world of fitness competition, and what a beautiful shiny world it was! I bet you look back on it with great fondness....but I also would expect that there were a lot of things you wish you had known going in.

My next blog series is for new competitors, and I would like to give them a great the best information that your experience has to offer them.

It's so simple....all you do is fill out this form directly on this blog (I have literally just test run it so I know it works). It's done completely anonymous and doesn't collect ANY personal data.

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