• Chrissie Nicholson-Wild

All Eyes on 2Bros Pro

Despite being less than a decade old here in the UK 2Bros Pro have established themselves as a tour-de-force here in the UK, well known for professional smooth running shows and accessible organisers.

They are the first UK-wide Fitness competition organisation to set their next show date.

So, 5th September is the first date back on our competing calendar...you can register now to compete and there are new guidelines and procedures in place in the post- pandemic era.

  • Cap on athlete numbers depending on space backstage per venue

  • 2 hour segments per division

  • 2 meters distance between athletes on and back stage

  • 50 spectators per division maximum

  • No spray tanning backstage

  • Masks and gloves permitted

  • you will be doing your own tan and hair and make up

In addition to these guidelines the judges and staff will be wearing masks and gloves and hand sanitiser will be available at all venues.