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2Bros show 1 down!

On 5th September 2020 2Bros Pro bust the pandemic cherry and streamed The Women's British Finals, the first live fitness/bodybuilding show since covid-19 threw a spanner in the year.

There were a few hitches for the 2Bros Pro Events team during the online cast of their show but for the most part it ran pretty well. It suffered the usual time issues (all shows seem to run late) but the biggest problem, from a viewers point of view, was that there was no sound. Facebook could not transmit the show with sound on because of copyright infringement laws and this led to much confusion about which category was on at any time until Kirk 'Pro Muscle' Elliot kept us updated live in the comments (well done Kirk!).

I often find it hard to make time to physically go to the shows that my clients compete in , so covid-19 forcing show hosts to stream their shows, means that I can actually watch. Of course, it is not the same...there's so much about the atmosphere of a show you cannot feel without being fully present.

This was the culmination of an epically long prep for most of the athletes on stage, most of whom were expecting to compete in May, so this show was well anticipated by athletes and the fitness community in general is it no doubt will become a blueprint for the shows that follow.

My friend Leigh Clark was one of those athletes, and I was so pleased to watch her win a trophy, placing second in Masters bikini.

We decided to go with a beautiful deep green teal for her bikini base, to emphasize her eye colour and balance her natural auburn hair. Leigh had her heart set on super thin connectors so I sourced some that were a single row of diamanté and had them shipped over from China. When they arrived they looked pretty solid...but I wasn't taking any chances so I used my knowledge of lingerie construction to come up with a simple but effective solution for getting in and out of the bikini without stressing the connectors.

Since the 2Bros Pro bikini style is very understated in terms of design I chose three crystal colours, blue zircon, aqua bohemica and aquamarine AB and used a subtle ombré, heavier on the light end to go from light to dark with a scatter of AB throughout and lift the overall colour tone once the lights hit. The colour was perfect for Leigh, and looks amazing on stage.

This weekend 2Bros Pro followed up with the Mens British Finals and the Ben Weider Classic will take place the first weekend in October. PCA and Pure Elite are still planning to go ahead with their shows in October also. With fresh measures being made, updated and changed by the UK government from week to week concerning the Covid-19 situation we can only hope that shows continue to be put on for the rest of this year, whether live or streamed.

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