• Chrissie Nicholson-Wild

2 bros pro 2020

For those of us wondering how fitness and bodybuilding shows are going to run post C19 today will be the benchmark. Today 2 Bros Pro is holding it's Womens British Finals, it being the first live show since the pandemic cut off the community from it's show fix.

With the live audience being drastically reduced due to social distancing they have taken the show online for the first time in the UK and are live streaming via facebook!

My friend Leigh is competing today, and her prep has been a long haul. She started prep before C19 was declared a pandemic and lockdown began, so that is a whopping six months on constant preparations and waiting for shows to be back up and running. So I am super happy for her to have finally reached her goal of getting back on stage. She looks happy!

Massive good luck to Leigh today, wearing a bikini I made for her, go smash the stage up!

And good luck to everyone competing today whose prep journey has been interrupted by C19 and probably felt like an eternity. Your time to shine on stage is here!

If you want to watch the show today it is pay per view. Follow the link below...

Live Streaming Link by Pumped Media: https://www.facebook.com/events/313009396449166/

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