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Everything you need to know

Ordering the right bikini for your show you can be overwhelming. I want to make it as easy as possible...


Read my handy guides for you to get the right look for your show and category as well as useful information on how to order and what to expect.

What style of bikini is the industry standard for your federation.

Which bikini style you need for the category you are competing in.

Information about different styles of bikini you can order

How to order your bikini

Sample requests

Payment Options

A quick rundown of timescale, measurement, fitting and delivery information

How to look after and store your bikini after the show


Federations are the Event Organisers for Fitness and Bodybuilding Competitions.

There are many different Fitness and bodybuilding federations in the UK, with new one's springing up every year. Which one you compete in should be determined by what you want to achieve, your personal style and how well you fit into their look and judging criteria.

Do your research, and pick the right one for you

Start (1).jpg
fitness federation
2bros pro UK fitness federation
UKDFBA logo UK fitness federation
pca logo UK fitness federation
NFMUK logo UK fitness federation
ukup logo UK fitness federation
miami pro logo UK fitness federation
ukbff logo UK fitness federation
fitx logo uk fitness federation
wnbf logo uk fitness federation
wbff logo  fitness federation
pure elite logo UK fitness federation

Click on a Federation to visit their website


You compete in a category with other women of similar proportion, height and age.

Selecting the correct category is critical to maximising success. Once you have selected which shows you are interested in read up on the specific requirements of each category and select which one best fits your muscle composition, height and shape.

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fitness category


Once you have decided which Federation and Category you would like to compete in, it's time to look at bikinis.

Click on a bikini to see more information on the style, or head to my ultimate style guide

Bikini style


Making the right bikini decision for you couldn't be easier!

You have the choice to order readymade, custom or bespoke depending on your timeframe, style and budget.

During the consultation you can try on sample bikinis to see what bikini cut suits you best,  you can compare fabrics and colours and view first hand the crystals and connectors so you can make more informed decisions.

Sample Requests

We give a maximum of 4 samples, and charge £2.00 to cover postage. Please request your fabric/colour samples via e-mail to

Payment Options

Miss C takes a non refundable £150.00 deposit on all custom bikinis.

The remaining balance can be paid in instalments or at once and must be paid in full before the garment will be released for delivery or collection. 

bikini ordering


Getting the perfect fit is essential

You will be changing size as you get closer to your I get 2 sets of measurements from you. 

The first when you order, and the last 3 weeks out from your competition date to make sure the bikini is correctly sized for your big day. 

You can come to the studio to be measured personally or follow my instructions to correctly measurements yourself and submit them after checkout.




Bikinis are designed and made according to the package you select, readymade, custom or bespoke.


Final fitting takes place 2-3 weeks out from your show date, where final alterations will be established. This can be done at the studio, or final measurements can be submitted via email.



Taking care of your bikini is pretty easy and straight forward.

It's essential to treat any tan staining as soon as possible after the show. 

  • do not put the bikini on until your spray tan is completely dry

  • spot wash any tan stains as soon as possible

  • use cool running water and rub lightly

  • use mild fabric detergent if required

  • dry inside, away from direct sunlight

  • store flat in a box or hang on hanger

Bikini aftercare
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